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By: Simon Riveles As Congress grapples with ways to kick start the economy and spur small business formation and growth, one proposal it is considering is relaxing the long-standing ban on general advertising or solicitation imposed on private companies seeking to raise capital under the private placement rules of Reg D of Section 4(2) of the 1933

The bedrock of nearly any online business operation, from e-commerce sites to social media outlets is the mighty “click-wrap” agreement (a digital extension of the equally mighty but very 20th century shrink-wrap agreement).  These agreements typically carry the terms and conditions that are non-negotiable and must be accepted and ratified by the user prior to

For many businesses, storing company and customer information in the cloud may seem like the cheapest and most convenient option. Too often however, businesses rarely realize that with one-click ease they are putting critical data (personal info, trade secrets, intellectual property, etc.) in the crosshairs of a security disaster, due to compliance issues over privacy,