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By: Kaiser Wahab Non-Disclosure Agreements (“NDA”) lend security to the dissemination and use of sensitive information between parties, critical during the development of a product or when sharing and disseminating research, data, algorithms, plans, etc.  Since every trade secret and scenario is unique, an NDA should be tailored to match the particular confidential information it

By: Tommas Balducci, Kaiser Wahab In this article we will explore the nuances of a particular type of agreement, the Independent Contractor Agreement for the production of intellectual property. We have previously discussed best practices and common elements of general commercial contracts. Contracts dealing with the creation of intellectual property differ from other Independent Contractor

With the popularity of crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter and the federal government’s blessing of equity crowdfunding (“EC”), the recent trend to fund projects by seeking a little money from many may surpass private equity offerings as the new normal. Hence traditional Regulation D offerings (“Reg D”) that typically seek larger amounts from fewer investors may

By Lauren Mack Low-Profit Limited Liability Companies (L3C’s) are little-known business entities that are quickly gaining traction in the United States. A variation on the popular Limited Liability Company (LLC), L3C’s cater to the desire of its investors to make a profit while pursuing charitable goals. Although they are recognized in all states, L3C’s may

In nearly every business operation, there are manifold reasons to get a copyright registration.  However, against the din of the great multitasking war, many businesses lose sight of the basic “no brainer” points behind getting a copyright registration.  And with any investment, protection of intellectual property only pays off if the initial investment was actually

One ever-present challenge with LLC’s is that forcibly grafting corporate concepts and structures into the LLC format is counterproductive at best. Simply, pass-through membership interests are very different from corporate stock. As a result, several options and best practices have arisen to expressly leverage the best aspects of LLC’s to achieve similar goals to the

By including a liquidated damages clause when negotiating a contract, parties can estimate the amount of damages to serve as a remedy in the event of a breach.  This can be a helpful legal tool that limits litigation over the issue.  Furthermore, liquidated damage clauses are often designed to address very specific types of breaches

Enter the WPTA, the Secret Weapon on New York Wage Theft The Wage Theft Protection Act (WTPA), which became effective on April 9, 2011, aims to protect workers in New York State from underpayment by changing how they are notified of pay rates and salary statements.  The Act also augments civil and criminal penalties for

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For any business in New York or elsewhere, in any sector, from tech to retail to entertainment, the impact of quality business and corporate counsel is key.  However, many are confused about specifically how and when a business attorney can and should assist.  While this chart by no means can capture the myriad of other

Businesses in nearly all sectors seek to leverage equity or other cache to incentivize employees.  The classic scenario is the stock option or incentive unit plans you often hear about.  While there are many other pitfalls that those plans can bring about, a relatively new one is the extra tax “hit” that a recipient of