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Mama’s Got the Magic of Clorox…And Clorox’s got an Attorney when it Twitters

by / Monday, 08 February 2010 / Published in Industry News, Technology & eCommerce

What other big news event can there be on just days after Facebook updates its interface without street riots? How about the fact that Clorox has quietly opened a position for a dedicated social media lawyer to advise it as it makes its continued (and surprisingly robust) inroads into social media?

That is indication enough that traditional brands are not only leveraging new technologies, but that they recognize the unique legal pitfalls associated with talking directly with the customers. So rather than be swept up with the rapids, they are looking to hire an el capitan to steer the ship.

With the news that Engadget just shut down its comment system for fear of a complete nuclear meltdown on the part of some of its users, can a company like Clorox (or any company of any size) be without counsel to guide it?

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