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New York Times Provides Map of Mobile Patent Wars

by / Wednesday, 14 April 2010 / Published in Industry News, Technology & eCommerce

New York Times Mobile Patent Lawsuit DiagramFor anyone with an “i” anything product, which in New York is one out of three people, you are aware that there are many established companies/businesses and startups all vying for your precious mobile dollars.  As this war is heating up, the big players are engaged in a scorched earth, trench warfare battle of dueling patents on everything from user interface functionality to copyrights.  The end goal is simple: achieve superior position on the cusp of the next big thing.

And frankly, it can cause an ice cream headache worth of pain trying to figure out who is suing whom.  The New York Times has this great diagram that will put the epic nature of the struggle into perspective and perhaps make you appreciate your tweet app a little more.

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