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Warning: Get Yo’ Self a New TV

by / Saturday, 27 January 2007 / Published in Industry News, Media & Entertainment

As HDTV becomes a reality, the reality of being forgotten in time by DTV will become apparent to those couch potatoes who buy analog only TV’s. Always vigilant against consumer terror, US Representatives Joe Barton (R-Texas), Dennis Hastert (R-Illinois), and Fred Upton (R-Michigan) have proposed a Surgeon General style sticker. “This television is obsolete,” will be featured prominently at the center of a new warning label. The goal? Prevent consumers from being duped by commission happy Circuit City employees and their ilk.

As pictured above, the label states, “This TV has only analog broadcast tuner and will require a converter box after Feb. 17, 2009, to receive over-the-air broadcasts.” I like the bomb icon, it has an “Amber Alert” quality to it.

And if this does seem a bit “over the top,” consider that federal statutes mandate the cessation of standard analog band broadcasting (though no later than 4/2009). This means, for many, getting a new TV (or converter box), or subscribing to Reader’s Digest. Although, there are some controls in place. Currently, manufacturers are banned from producing analog only 25″ or larger TV’s. And beginning in March, that requirement will extend to all sets larger than 13″, as well as to VCRs.

I have to say I am amused by, if not a proponent of, the proposed label by tech outlet Ars Technica.

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2 Responses to “Warning: Get Yo’ Self a New TV”

  1. Sean FWJ Fowler, Esq. says :

    Ah, but will that even be necessary if Bill Gates is right, and T.V.s are becoming old tech, to be replaced by the Internet inside of five years? Network after network is providing more and more content online, and new networks, like YouTube, are becoming more dominant than traditional networks. Will HD Beta out?

  2. Kaiser says :

    I think Bill’s point that TV is going stone age is well placed. Hence I find it ironic that so much energy is being expended on legacy devices. I think that HD might really go betamax as you state.