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Jonathan Handel’s Blog has Chart of Residuals for Production Company/Business in New York or Elsewhere

by / Saturday, 17 April 2010 / Published in Media & Entertainment

Any production company knows the pain of dealing with revenue shares when licensing a property (especially across digital channels).  Prime in the pain pipeline is the “residual” or the royalty that a player in a production is entitled to due to his or her guild affiliation.  Even after a distribution/licensing agreement, the job of accounting and disbursing these residuals usually falls on the shoulders of the producer.  And if he or she has no idea where to put the money and how to arrive at the correct figure, it can mean friction and difficulty with the guild.

Jonathan Handel of the Digital Media Blog (also an EntMediaLaw member) decided to get artsy and create a chart bursting with as much information on residuals as color, which he says makes a great tie or t-shirt when not in use.  Let’s face it, the ironic vintage tees you bought in Williamsburg are tired and trite anyway, so you might as well replace them with Handel’s chart.  It’s a great reference to have handy.

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