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New York (and Other) Business Startups Must Shun Inner Rock Star to Embrace Square Inner Manager

by / Wednesday, 16 June 2010 / Published in Startup & Corporate

I had seen this some time back and am posting it now.  This infographic, lovingly produced under the most scientific of laboratory conditions, by artist Shane Snow, provides a truthful look into the psyche of the startup.  When you pair this with the more technical 4 Deadly Startup Sins When Raising Capital on this blog, a pattern does emerge.  If I could distill that pattern to one learning point, that would be “overconfidence.”  Entrepreneurs and management that are sober and thoughtful about their long term prospects as well as “pivot points” (essentially forks in the road for a business model that are not only planned for by management, but are built into the roadmaps as a set of “Plan B’s”) are prone to be more successful in the current environment, where sustainability and slow burn are key.  While the heady days of big cash infusions are perhaps upon us in the near future, startups must behave more like businesspeople and less like rock stars.

His infographic (full version is available on his blog by clicking image) is the product of parallel experience of being a musician and an entrepreneur, which demonstrates both lives have many similarities.   And in the end, even if the last step is “live large”, you will notice the previous steps are summarized by “work like a dog.”

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