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Live from New York, It’s Social Media Friday— Makes You a Potty Mouth in Every Language

by / Friday, 13 August 2010 / Published in Technology & eCommerce

New York Online Business--Terms of Service AgreementsIt’s been a while that I’ve experienced the delicious thrill of a great void in the universe being filled by a single “.com.”  Like when youtube taught met that desktop TV was my gateway to 10 min clips of cats playing piano.  But it’s been a long time since I’ve had that kind of epiphany, that s, until today.

Enter, a (crowdsourced?) swear tutor, that can teach you the only phrase you’ll need to start an international incident in over 200 countries.  I especially like the one click access of universal swear words for instant multi country translation access.  Interestingly, with such a charged subject matter, the site is apparently lacking any legal terms, disclaimer, or policies.  And with a site like this there arise all sorts of liability issues (warranties, accuracy, IP transfer, age restrictions, choice of law, etc.)

I’m not trying to be the parade raining lawyer here. But while the site is absolutely amazing in its ability to fill a void that, all jokes aides, is something every grade schooler wants filled, it completely fails to protect its principals.  Curious to see how long it takes for it to become a phenom in need of a terms of service agreement.

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