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South Korean Couple Accused of Starving Baby Go on Trial

by / Thursday, 01 April 2010 / Published in Technology & eCommerce

Internet Addiction and Novel Criminal Legal Defenses?Piggybacking on our earlier post that involved cultural mores and gaming, this CNN title says it all. And aside from the cultural question posed by this new form of parental neglect, will the parents’ counsel interject equally novel defenses premised on addictive gaming tendencies, or the irresistible nature of broadband interaction over human interaction? Will Korea be the first to sustain an “Internet Addiction” defense?

The couple were reportedly obsessed with a game called Prius Online, playing it for sessions lasting as long as 12 hours. In the 3D fantasy game, players raise “Anima,” a blue girl, who, as she grows, gains magical powers.

The case has highlighted the dark side of the Internet in South Korea, a nation renowned for its outstanding technological infrastructure and early adoption of the Internet and mobile technologies.

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