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By: Kaiser Wahab Non-Disclosure Agreements (“NDA”) lend security to the dissemination and use of sensitive information between parties, critical during the development of a product or when sharing and disseminating research, data, algorithms, plans, etc.  Since every trade secret and scenario is unique, an NDA should be tailored to match the particular confidential information it

By: Kaiser Wahab and Susanna Guffey Information and data supplied by patients via smartphones and the Internet are poised to drastically lower costs associated with medical care and make it easier for doctors to treat patients, even remotely. However, developers should keep in mind the particular regulatory and compliance issues that arise when dealing with

By: Tommas Balducci, Kaiser Wahab In this article we will explore the nuances of a particular type of agreement, the Independent Contractor Agreement for the production of intellectual property. We have previously discussed best practices and common elements of general commercial contracts. Contracts dealing with the creation of intellectual property differ from other Independent Contractor

Given that privacy law is now at the forefront of any business operation, having a high level view of the various privacy based lines of attack a party can direct at your venture is critical. So our firm prepared this simple outline of privacy lawsuit causes of action. Being familiar with them can prove useful

By Tommas Balducci, Lauren Mack, and Kaiser Wahab Previously, we posted an article on the Top 5 Ways to Help Ensure Your Business has Click-Wrap Agreements. Given the importance of clickwrap and browserwrap when it comes to limiting an online business’liability, we’ve decided to expand on the topic by delving deeper into the factors that

Our IT security colleague Scott Aurnou (bio below) crafted this informative article that we thought would be useful for our clients and we are featuring it on our blog. While threats to smartphones and tablets are only increasing as hackers and cyber criminals get more creative, taking a few basic (and relatively easy) steps will

 By: Olivera Medenica Originally Given as part of a lecture to the New York State Bar Association on Friday, May 20, 2011 This outline was provided to the at the New York State Bar Association as a primer for lawyers not familiar with e-commerce and social media liabilities that often require certain best practices and

Just last week, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) issued its much anticipated final report on consumer privacy protection: “Protecting Consumer Privacy in an Era of Rapid Change”. Those who ballyhoo the death of privacy as we know it should take heed of the FTC Chairman, Jon Leibowitz, and his resort to words of Justice Louis

Top Employer Questions on Employee Social Media Conduct Answered By: Kaiser Wahab and Lauren Mack Employers are now on full alert that employee’s online activity in the office and in the home has a direct, often beneficial / often detrimental impact, on the bottom line.  And with each day’s headlines new complications and permutations challenge

The bedrock of nearly any online business operation, from e-commerce sites to social media outlets is the mighty “click-wrap” agreement (a digital extension of the equally mighty but very 20th century shrink-wrap agreement).  These agreements typically carry the terms and conditions that are non-negotiable and must be accepted and ratified by the user prior to