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If Your NY LLC Operating Agreement Is Short on Words you May be Short on Options—NY Appellate Division Rules One Partner Can’t Expel Another without Member Expulsion Language

by / Saturday, 20 March 2010 / Published in Featured, Headline, Startup & Corporate

LLC Operating Agreement and Member Expulsion ClausesThe Court in Man Choi Chiu v Chiu recently ruled that that a member of an LLC looking to expel another member for alleged misconduct is simply out of luck, if the operating agreement is silent on the issue. In other words, such a party could not petition the court to impose that remedy. Moreover, the Court reasoned that the LLC Act reference to expulsion in section 701 is merely a suggestion that an operating agreement could provide for expulsion.

This is a powerful reminder to all NY partners that “get it in writing” is an essential element to any operating agreement not just in general terms, but for specifics such as expulsion.

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