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Dreamworks Distribution Contract: a Wealth of Knowledge for New York (and Other) Production Companies and Creative Businesses

by / Tuesday, 01 June 2010 / Published in Media & Entertainment

During the IIFF film finance panel I moderated last week, panelist Isen Robbins suggested that the audience take in and review the Dreamworks distribution contract. Why? Because in an unusual turn of events where the producer gets to set the terms for distribution (it is Spielberg after all), this agreement illustrates the most producer friendly terms possible. Moreover, it is a beast of a contract which illustrates how sophisticated commercial business contracts can be in general, with multiple scenarios, schedules, and components. Also, due to the fact there is an investor relations angle as well (notice how the agreement is licensing the properties from one Dreamworks entity to another in a non-arms length transaction), the agreement demonstrates how the producer is insulating itself from future investor claims by being as through with the draftsmanship as possible.

Download Text Version of Distribution Agreement here.

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